Wedding and Event Barrel Hire

Barrel Hire For Weddings & Events

We have oak whiskey barrels, oak wine barrels and barrel bars available to hire for weddings and events.

Oak Whiskey Barrels

These vintage, oak whiskey barrels can be used indoors or outdoors as poseur tables for guests to rest at and place a drink.

They also make great rustic cake and flower stands and photograph beautifully.


  • Oak Whiskey Barrel
  • Original Oak Wooden Top, Treated and Oil Varnished
  • Barrel Renovated and Treated

Oak Barrel Bars

Great for summer weddings and events our rustic barrel bars can be put to a variety of uses and make a wonderful accompaniment to any summer event.

They are a go anywhere solution for creating a rustic pop-up bar area wherever required and can be dressed with a wide range of accessories.


  • Two Oak Barrels

  • 2.3m Smoked Wooden Bar Top, Custom Made

French Oak Wine Barrels NEW TO STOCK!

We have recently added a number of French Oak Wine Barrels to our range of oak barrels.

The French Oak Wine Barrels are light oak in colour and have a newer, more contemporary feel to them compared to our Rustic Oak Whiskey Barrels, they are also a little larger in size and girth.

These barrels are ideal for use at vineyard venues, breweries or at other venues that have a slightly more modern or industrial feel to them.

They can be put to a variety of uses, such as being used as poseur tables, cake stands, coach lantern stands, candle and candelabra stands, to think of just a few. We're sure they can be put to many other uses as well!


  • French Oak Wine Barrel
  • Light Oak Colour
  • 95cm in height, 55cm diameter top (external)
  • Original Light Oak Wooden Top, Treated and Oil Varnished

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