Wedding and Event Band PA System Hire

Band PA Systems For Weddings & Events

If you are planning on having a band play at your wedding or event sometimes they may not have suitable front of house PA equipment for the size of venue or simply not be able to bring all this equipment with them.

We can provide a wide range of PA equipment for bands including front of house PA, mixing consoles, monitoring, microphones, band/stage and dancefloor lighting as well as trained engineers to operate the equipment.

Bands typically have their own PA requirements depending on the number of performers, instrumentation and processing needs.

We can tailor a band's PA requirements and will liaise with you and the band on this. If a band has a technical rider we will work through this with you and the band to ensure that we are providing the correct level of equipment for the band and just as importantly, for the size of audience and venue.


  • Tailored PA Solutions
  • High Quality PA Speaker Systems
  • High Quality Mixing Consoles
  • A Range of Microphones and Processing Options
  • Wide Range of Band Lighting Options

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