Decorative Gobo Projection

Decorative Gobo Projection For Weddings & Events

Decorative gobo projection can be a simple and cost effective way of creating ambience within a room or venue. Using specialist gobo projectors and theatrical luminaires we can project subtle or striking gobo effects and breakup patterns on to walls, floors and ceilings.

This creates a fantastic effect, especially on large surfaces, even within marquees. Gobo projections can be coloured to or provide a contrast to your colour scheme or any uplight colouring.

We have a range of stock gobos available and we can also custom design gobos which are tailored to work with a specific event theme.

The type and number of lighting fixtures needed will depend on the size of the space you are wanting to project onto.


  • Range of Projection Options
  • Stock Gobos Available
  • Custom Gobo Design Service
  • Interior/Exterior Projection Options

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