Dance Floor Hire

Dance Floor Hire For Weddings & Events

We have a range of high quality UK manufactured Parquet and LED dancefloors available to hire for Weddings and Events. All of our dancefloors are manufactured by Portable Floormakers who are one of the UKs leading dancefloor manufacturers so you can be assured that the dance floors we supply for your event will be of the highest quality.

Sparkling LED Dancefloors

Our Starlok White sparkling LED dancefloors look stunning in any venue and are available in a range of sizes. The Starlok LED dancefloor is a wired dancefloor with interlocking floor panels. The panels cannot come apart during use and being a wired system this ensures that power will always be supplied to the panels, rather than a wireless system which has the contacts bulit into the panel/locking mechanism which can potentailly lose power to panels if movement occurs or if confetti or other objects get between the contacts of the panels.


  • Wired LED Dancefloor
  • 4-Chase Controller
  • Interlocking Panels
  • Silver Edging

Parquet Dancefloors

Our Florlok Wooden Parquet dancefloors are manufactured to the same high quality standards as our Starlok LED Dancefloors. High quality wooden parquet is used within the panels to ensure that the colour is consistant throughout the dancefloor and the panels are interlocking so they cannot come apart during use.

Light Oak and Jatoba Hardwood (darker cherry colour) Wooden Parquet dancefloors are available.


  • Light Oak (Light Colour)
  • Jatoba (Dark/Cherry Colour)
  • Interlocking Panels
  • Silver Edging

What Size Dance Floor Will I Need?

From our experience and as a general rule of thumb you should base the dancefloor size on the assumption that approximately one third of people attending your event will be on the dance floor at any one time. A simple guide is detailed below that breaks this down by dancefloor size and the number of people the dance floor can accomodate.

Starlok White Sparkling LED Dancefloor

10' x 10' (2.84m x 2.84m) - 20 dancers
12' x 12' (3.65m x 3.65m) - 32 dancers
14' x 14' (4.20m x 4.20m) - 45 dancers
16' x 16' (4.80m x 4.80m) - 55-60 dancers

Florlok Wooden Parquet Dancefloor

9' x 9' (2.74m x 2.74m) - 18 dancers
12' x 12' (3.65m x 3.65m) - 32 dancers
15' x 12' (4.57m x 3.65m) - 40 dancers
15' x 15' (4.57m x 4.57m) - 50 dancers

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