Award Ceremony & Gala Dinner

Awards Ceremonies and Gala Dinners with Academy Productions

Are you planning an awards ceremony, a gala dinner or charity fundraising event?

Events of this nature are only as good as the production behind them! Nothing impresses more than a stunning light show and clear crisp sound and visuals to keep your guests focused, engaged and entertained throughout the night!

When production is not properly thought through, you could lose that crucial engagement with your audience. Over the top production can lead to a very uncomfortable experience, and too little production can disengage your audience or even bore them.

This is why we always work closely with you to make sure that your award ceremony or gala dinner strikes the perfect balance!

We provide ourselves on providing:

  • Bespoke, cost effective solutions

  • The ability to work to any brief for an event, big or small

  • Rigorous testing of all equipment prior to arriving on site

  • Providing all staff on site with comprehensive training for any eventuality

  • Early arrival on site for client reassurance, timely setup and rehearsal if needed

We also have several packages that we have put together that cover a range of audio visual requirements, please contact us for details of these, however we do prefer to work alongside clients on these types of events as no one event is the same and every event is different in one way or another.

There are production companies who can provide AV for your event and we truly understand that, but the question we have to ask is, what else can they do? Here at Academy Productions we pride ourselves on providing a much broader solution with a wider range of services.

Alongside high-quality and professional AV equipment we can provide those small details which ultimately speak more for everyone's engagement and enjoyment of the event in a far more direct way. From sleek LED table centres to bespoke lighting canopies designed by us, you can rely on us to provide a complete event solution.

Call us on 01628 617730 or use our online form to Contact us about our Corporate Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner Event Services.